car insurance going dutch

<p>Car Insurance going dutch</p> 

<p>In the dutch adaptation of google the watchword prashe &quot;<a href=" insurance.shtml">car protection </a>&quot;is a very populair. Eventough the talk and wrtie dutch in the Netherlands there are still in excess of 30000 inquiries in english. The dutch word for ca protection is &quot;<a href="">autoverzekering</a> &quot; . This catchphrase is lookedup more than 100.000 occasions. So &quot; vehicle protection &quot; is 30% of the typical search.</p> 

<p>This is beacause the Netherlands has a great deal of foreigners who don't speake or compose dutch. About 15% are not local Dutch individuals. So there is a major market for english hunts in the dutch form of google.</p> 

<p>The site <a href=""></a> is a protection merchant in the Netherlands who has now a few pages changed in englisch to attrack an other gathering of clients. Since there isn't a great deal of contenders for this catchphrase the site ascended inside notime to a #9 spot in the dutch variant of google.</p> 

<p>Soon there will be more catchphrases added to the webiste as per ohter sort of protection. </p>

Published on: 4/14/19, 6:34 PM