Creating a Custom 404 Error Page

Each web surfer has experienced the feared 404 page not discovered blunder message. 

The conventional mistake page is repulsive to take a gander at and it doesn't urge web guests to investigate a greater amount of your webpage. 

Envision having the capacity to setup a custom mistake message page that looked great, told the guest what had turned out badly and after that proposed some elective connects to different areas on your site, for example, the landing page, sitemap or even a pursuit page. 

On the off chance that the guest needed to, they could then visit different pieces of your site. 

It is anything but difficult to setup a custom 404 mistake page (The 404 blunder is the blunder number returned when a page or registry isn't found on your site). 

The most effortless approach to divert guests that experience a 404 is to either send them to your destinations landing page or to your sitemap page 

We do this by setting a one line of code in your sites .htaccess document 

ErrorDocument 404/sitemap.html 

This would divert every one of the 404 blunder messages to the sitemap page. 

The way to the page you need to show, should as of now exist on your web server, generally the web server will tie itself up in a ceaseless circle. 

The full way to the mistake page must be determined and it must be in respect to the root way of that account (recall, setting a/at the front of a record name or index indicates that it's in respect to the root registry). 

To make a custom mistake page, basically make a page utilizing your most loved site page editorial manager, for example, MS FrontPage or DreamWeaver. The page can contain anything you wish, for example, pictures, joins and so on. Spare the record as something simple to recollect, (for example, 404errors.html) 

I would then recommend you make a catalog straightforwardly off your/public_html/organizer and call it "mistake" and spot your blunder documents in here. 

This would now imply that your .htaccess order line would now resemble: 

ErrorDocument 404/blunder/404errors.html 

Presently at whatever point a 404 blunder was created on your webpage, your custom mistake page will be shown, and keep your web guests upbeat. 

In the up and coming article, I will develop this thought, and tell you the best way to you can get an email notice that a 404 blunder has happened on your site. It will disclose to you what caused the mistake, and the culpable page. Enabling you to attempt and fix every single broken connection prompting your site.

Published on: 4/14/19, 6:38 PM